Waze has just announced a brand new feature is now making its way to carpoolers on Android and iOS devices. The new feature lets Waze users invite multiple riders to join a carpool, which should make it easier to choose the people in a Carpool crew.

The new feature can be accessed via the + icon once a ride is confirmed. The + icon will allow you to invite more riders on your route, hopefully, with a minimal detour. One of the most requested features, the option to add multiple riders to a carpool lets Waze users save more on their commute.

Fill up to four seats in a carpool, and get a little extra with each rider – keeping in mind that prices are adjusted, so they don’t exceed the total sum of gas and wear & tear.

Keep in mind that the number of available seats in a carpool is adjustable by going to the Carpool settings in the top right corner of the calendar view, so it’s not limited to up to four seats.