Singapore’s first Snoopy-themed cafe has opened at Kumoya Cafe.

Open until September, the cafe offers an exclusive Snoopy-themed menu, curated by Kumoya’s kitchen team and Instagram food artist Shirley Wong.

Featuring dishes include Snoopy’s Doghouse Fantasy Ebi Burger, Sweetest Friend Chocolate Caramel Frappe, and Snoopy-On-A-Donut Iced Lychee Momo Tea, Hand-Cut Truffle Fries, Snoopy Sizzling Seafood Tempura With Japanese Curry Rice, Snoopy Matcha Madness Azuki Lava Cake.

At the door, there is Snoopy’s doghouse for customers to snap photos with.

Inside the cafe, Snoopy decals cover the cafe’s walls, with tabletops covered with Peanuts comic strips featuring the beagle and his friends.

Snoopy merchandise on sale includes Snoopy plush, keychains, pouches and toy figurines.