Google has been making it easier for users with multiple Google accounts to quickly switch between them on several of its apps. Google Maps and Drive both allow you to swipe up or down from the avatar in the top right-hand corner (with your photo or initial) to quickly change to the next Google account in queue. So instead of tapping on the avatar to see the different accounts you can choose from and then selecting one to switch to, you can save time by using the new gesture.

This feature is now available on version 3.8.3 of Google s, and after swiping through each of your Google accounts, it will give you the opportunity to see the s from all of your accounts in one list. This shows up as an avatar that looks like two pawns from a chessboard. When you swap between accounts on Maps, the only thing that changes is the avatar. On Drive and with s, the appropriate menu slides out from the side as the avatar changes.

Truthfully, you will save some time by switching between accounts this way. This is another example of Google not sitting back on its laurels and looking to improve Android and its apps with every chance it gets.