Author: Karen Wallace

MA Signal For Chart Industries, Inc. ($NASDAQ:GTLS) Stands at Strong Sell

Investors may be searching for various types of stocks to help diversify the portfolio. Growth stocks include shares of companies that may have the possibility of generating higher than average profit growth and revenues. These companies tend to pump earnings back into the business, and they generally expand quicker than […]

Simple 30 Day MA Touches 91.4823 for Waste Connections, Inc. ($NYSE:WCN)

Market slides can be troublesome for investors. When markets are moving lower, investors may become extra nervous about certain holdings. With the stock market reaching heightened levels, investors may not be putting too much though into the specific portfolio holdings. This can all change if there is a sudden downturn. […]

MA Rating is Strong Sell on Shares of LendingClub Corporation (NYSE:LC)

Investors might be looking at various types of stocks that can be added to the portfolio. Selecting a wider range of equities may help the portfolio withstand prolonged market turmoil. Growth stocks typically have the potential to produce profit growth and above average revenues. Growth companies may reinvest a large […]

SMA 30 Hits 1.75225333 for Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc (NASDAQ:ADAP)

Individual investors have a lot to study when dealing with the stock market. New investors may start out thinking that with enough capital, they can easily start securing substantial gains. While equity market investing can help individuals build wealth, it can also be highly risky. Market education may be an […]

MA Signal For Oritani Financial Corp. ($NASDAQ:ORIT) Stands at Strong Sell

Many active investors will use technical analysis when conducting stock research. Technical analysis involves studying trends and trying to predict which trends will continue into the future. Many technical traders will rely on charts to help provide the information they desire. Some technicians will use one or two technical indicators […]